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Rabbit in Red

In an earlier blog post, I named Rabbit in Red by Joe Chianakas as one of my favorite reads of 2015. It resonated with me as both a fan of horror movies and a person who has often immersed myself in fictional worlds to avoid life’s stresses and disappointments. Even though I’m a good deal older than the protagonists, the novel successfully transported me back to the awkward years of my life as a closeted geek. It’s memorable characters found faces in my imagination and seemed like people with whom I would’ve shared popcorn and space on my couch in front of the TV.

Now we’re close to the release of Burn the Rabbit, the sequel to Rabbit in Red. Not only am I eager to read the new novel, but I want to help spread the word about this series that struck such a chord with me. On a personal note, I also wanted to support Joe’s writing career. He has promoted this blog and supported my writing dream via social media since I first signed up for Twitter over a year ago.

I encourage you to visit and “like” his Facebook page so we can get the word out about his novels. You’ll be supporting the author, a great guy who has encouraged a lot of others like me to pursue their dreams. I’m currently part of a small group of folks helping with the new novel’s promotion, but I wouldn’t be surprised if his group of fans grows by leaps and bounds once more people learn about him.

Help me help Joe and like his page! Thanks.