The Kickstarter has met its goal for the Nonlocal Science Fiction publication!  I was assured by the publisher that the first issue would be published even if the funding goal wasn’t reached, but it’s very encouraging news that enough support could be found to add momentum to this project.  So now what?  Read on!

The Kickstarter generated enough money to cover the cost of the magnificent cover art by Bioblossom Creative.  The company provided the cover art prior to the success of the Kickstarter, which I’m sure helped in the magazine’s promotion and persuaded more people to donate.  The additional funding will make possible further promotion and the covering of other expenses.  Print-on-demand services, provided by CreateSpace, will allow print copies to be available as well.  This is a nice surprise, since I wasn’t sure there would be an alternative to the PDF format.  I’ve been asked about this by several people, so I’m glad to see they will get tangible pages to flip, earmark and otherwise enjoy.

Additional promotions will include interviews with the authors.  The special edition PDF and print editions will include these interviews, and presumably our bio’s.  We will also be interviewed for the 33rd St. Digital Press podcast.  I can’t tell you how much cred this earned me with my son, once he found out an interview with me would be available on the almighty Internet.  It is pretty exciting, I must confess.

There was also a special bonus payment budgeted for the authors once the Kickstarter succeeded.  I plan to put this money, and more that I earn from sales of the first issue, into a website for my writing.  My intentions are to publish this blog there, too.  I’m concerned with my rights to materials I post on someone else’s site, including Google (owner of this site), Yahoo or other platforms.  Maybe I’m being paranoid, but I feel that once I have a domain name and official website, everything will belong to me unless I explicitly sign it over to somebody else.  That’s why I made the decision not to publish a writing snippet from my story in this blog.  I’ll wait until I have a website where I can be confident it will be protected under copyright laws.  I would like to make whole stories available for free at some point.

To everybody who contributed to the Kickstarter, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You guys are awesome.  This is an investment in a company that I believe to be innovative in its approaches to publishing and developing relationships with authors.  I feel very lucky to have found this publisher and, of course, to have a story appearing in the inaugural issue.  It’s also an investment in my budding writing career which will always need the support of people like you, people who will try something new for the love of a good read.  Thanks again.