Just a couple of days left in the Nonlocal Science Fiction Kickstarter.  For just one dollar, you can get the electronic edition of the first issue and support future issues of the magazine.  Please consider donating.  If you’ve already donated, you have my deepest thanks for supporting a project that includes one of my stories, my very first to be published:  Catalyst.


I’ve been fairly productive on the writing front this week.  I’m continuing work on the outline for my novel.  I’m really anxious to start writing it.  I find myself imagining it unfolding before my eyes like a movie, and then I remember that I’m driving to work and need to pay attention to the road.  I took a break from the outline to begin writing a bit of dialogue between the two main characters, Nichole and Dmitri, on the first night they’ve had some time alone together.  I had hoped to finish it today, but it needs fleshing out.  Perhaps it will be done to appropriately post around Valentine’s Day.
I finished “The Hzeen”, chronologically the first tale about a character named Os, whom I’ve already featured in another story.  There will definitely be at least one more of these stories, and I’m piecing together the plot of the next.  Os lives in a post-apocalyptic world, where strange and dangerous creatures abound.  The story is about a quest he undertakes with a friend to reclaim objects of vast spiritual importance to their people. Their journey through a barren wasteland is dangerous, but their society prohibits their return until they are successful.
I’ve started a new story, set far in the future after a zombie plague has decimated human society.  It’s untitled at this point, since I’m still early in the process.  The story features a man and woman competing in a footrace through infested areas.  The race is a replacement for war, since human life has become too precious to allow war among living people.  The hero and heroine make a shocking discovery that necessitates a difficult choice between their own society and humanity as a whole.
Oh, yeah.  I’ve been writing this blog, too!  Thanks for reading.