Watching?  “Backstrom” is probably the newest program I’m enjoying.  Rainn Wilson plays the title role, a consummate jerk and still somehow admirable man, despite his bigamy, slovenliness, irreverence and cowardice.  A horrible person, yet he’s an exceptional detective.  A lot of the show’s best moments are seen in his interactions with much more respectable colleagues.  As an added bonus, Dennis Haysbert co-stars.

Playing?  I’ve returned to Skyrim, falling in love with the world and its many dangers all over again.  Better yet, I’m enjoying guiding my son through his own adventure.  (I dedicated an earlier post to our shared Skyrim experience.)  This time I hope one of our characters can fulfill his destiny as the Dragonborn.  At the rate we’re going, it could take a few years.  That’s OK.  I seem to enjoy Skyrim most when I don’t play for a week or so and then spend a few hours immersing myself in it. Likewise my son looks forward to it on the weekends, when he can spend several hours at a time crushing his enemies and searching out hidden treasures.

Eating?  If you read my earlier post about my diet, you know I usually eat a strictly low-carbohydrate menu for six days every week.  (Ahem, in theory.)  Chicken, beans, broccoli and cauliflower feature heavily.  I spice things up with salsa verde or some variety of Tabasco.  Boring! What you really want to hear about is my unbridled CHEAT DAY gluttony!  How about 12 cupcakes in a single day? Pretzels, pizza, chocolate?  Ice cream after two different meals?  Good thing I’m only allowed to eat like that on Saturday.

Reading?  I’m currently reading “Toll the Hounds” by Steven Erikson.  It’s the eighth novel in the “Malazan Book of the Fallen” series.  These are some of the most complicated, detailed, and engaging fantasy novels I’ve ever read.  They are simultaneously fantasy stories and travelogues.  The fact that I’ve read seven others in the series over the last dozen years says something in itself: dedication.  If you were thinking of a different word, perhaps something less flattering, please keep it to yourself.  I love to read, and if you do too, I suggest you look me up on Goodreads where we can share our reviews and get recommendations for more books.

Hey, not so fast!  What are YOU watching, playing, eating and/or reading?  Leave me a comment and let me know.