I sent my photo and biographical blurb off to my publisher today.  The picture will be used for the publisher’s website and Kickstarter, both premiering this coming week.  Look for more about those, as I’ll be doing my best to promote them.

I’m really not very photogenic, and I was discouraged when I couldn’t find an appropriate photo of myself from the last couple of years. There were plenty with members of my family or getting licked on the face by my dogs. There were also a fair amount of goofy pictures where I donned plush reindeer antlers, or pirate hats, or fake facial hair.  Possibly the most numerous were the hopeless photos:  food in my teeth, eyes closed, almost winking, sleeping with my mouth open, sleeping with my mouth open in the car, foggy glasses, etc.

I settled on a selfie I took in a small park near my house.  The lighting was less than perfect.  I think I stepped in dog poop.  It took about 20 minutes to get one that looked like I was trying not to be scary. It was difficult to angle the camera correctly, so I didn’t look like I was looking down into a hole and I didn’t drop the camera.  There were a lot of chins in the first few pictures.  An alarming amount of chins.  And I hadn’t shaved any of them.

Normally I would’ve asked my wife to take a picture for me.  She has talent in the photography department, but she’s sick and this didn’t seem important enough to drag her around to a few locations where the light would be good.  At some point, I’ll ask her to take some decent photos of me to use for this here blog and my other social media what-nots.

I hope I’ll have a chance to give my publisher a better picture later, but maybe it’s for the best that he uses the one I sent.  I think it really captures how tired and crummy I feel.  That might sound bad, but it’s important.  I’m finding time to write on top of a full-time job and family obligations.  It’s not easy, and it’s a good reminder of how important writing is to me, even when I’m tired, sick, and would rather be hibernating until spring.  Somebody once told me that nothing worth doing is easy.  I think there’s a lot of truth in that statement.  It’s written all over my baggy-eyed, double-chinned face.