The cool, blue of night has descended upon me, every four hours as needed.  I crave the torpor it induces.  Rest eludes me, but then I swallow, recline and eagerly await the coming darkness.  For roughly four hours I will slumber, submerged in the doldrums of blue-green calm.  That’s approximately one hour on belly, back, and each side, though if I move I do not recollect.  For roughly two hours I fitfully drowse and yearn to swim again.  Then I stagger, shower, and dress according to instructions stenciled inside my eyelids.

The warm, frenzied orange of day has ascended, every four hours as needed.  Orange spears prodding, orange flames licking, orange orders commanding:  drive, work, eat, work, drive.  For roughly four hours I will toil, produce, run (not walk), expectorate.  Again the swallow and the surge of manic labor, and then for roughly two hours I will stagger, craving blue-green, needing orange but not daring to risk a war between the two.

Welcome aboard the DayQuil-NyQuil roller coaster.  You must be desperately unhealthy to risk the terrors of this ride, regardless of height.  If you choose to prematurely disembark, you will suffer breathless, exhausting bouts of coughing, paralyzing sinus headaches, and restless nights.

The weekend is almost here, so it’s a good time to try giving up my roller coaster seat. Maybe a nice herbal tea and chicken soup merry-go-round is in order.