Happy New Year, everyone!

I was lucky to share New Year’s Eve this year with a bunch of fun folks.  It’s become a tradition for my family to spend it with my wife’s college roommates and their families. Our children are around the same age, and though they’re growing up quickly I hope we have many years ahead of us to continue the tradition.

One of the interesting conversations I shared with them explored the concept that money cannot buy happiness. I had to agree that I knew some people with lots of money who were unhappy and some very contented people who didn’t.  I decided that it could make certain people happy, depending on their priorities in life.  People who enjoy material wealth seem like they would be happy.  Others who value freedom from financial stresses provided by money could certainly achieve a measure of happiness.  I also had to bring up that the source of the money was certainly a factor.  If someone achieved wealth through a job they didn’t enjoy, would they be happy?  I couldn’t imagine that one could spend a third or more of his or her day involved in something uninteresting and/or stressful and still be happy.

I wish I could make a living doing something I love while still providing for my family.  One day, I hope my writing will provide such a lifestyle, riches or not.  It’s the only thing I can think of that I’ve always loved to do.  2015 seems like as good a year as any for it to happen.  I’d best get crackin’!

I wish all of you happiness in the coming year, through wealth, or health or whatever brings it.  Best of luck to all of you on realizing your dreams this year.