This is the beginning.  Well, technically, the previous and first post was the beginning.  But that was the “explain the title” post, and this is the introductory, what-it-is post.  Bear with me, please.

I’ve been writing for a long time. What’s that?  Never heard of me or read anything I’ve written? That’s because only recently have I overcome the fear of rejection and started submitting stories for publication.  Rejection conquered!  Upward, escalator shoes, upward!
What’s more, a story of mine has been selected to be published.  It’s a big deal for me, and I feel very lucky and blessed and excited.  My hairline might have even advanced a tiny bit.  Or my eyebrows need trimming.  Either way, I’m feeling good and had to share.  I want you to be excited, too.  Ride the escalator.  It smells better than the elevator.  I’m sure you agree.  Isn’t it great how the word “you” is both singular and plural?  That’s nice because there might just be one of you (hi, mom), but I hope there will be more and more of you as time progresses and the escalator continues climbing.  I hope you find your own escalator, too, maybe next to mine so we can chat as we ride.
I’ll certainly have more information about the publication to share in the future.  Stay tuned!